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American Studies in Scandinavia, Volume 48:2

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American Studies in Scandinavia is a biannual publication published by the Nordic Association for American Studies. The aim of the association is to encourage and promote serious study of the United States and its civilisation in the five Nordic countries. The journal is interdisciplinary drawing upon such fields as geography, history, linguistics, literature, political science, social anthropology and sociology.


Editor's Note

Introduction by Jørn Brøndal

Anders Bo Rasmussen, “Drawn Together in a Blood Brotherhood”: Civic Nationalism amongst Scandinavian Immigrants in the American Civil War Crucible

Terje Hasle Joranger, Migration, Regionalism and the Ethnic Other, 1840-1870

Pernille Skovgaard Christensen, Safeguarding Danishness? Ethnicity, Religion and Acculturation among Danish Americans in Three Danish Spaces in the U.S

Jørn Brøndal, “In a Few Years the Red Man Will Live Only in Legend and in Cooper’s Charming Accounts”: Portrayals of Americans Indians in Danish Travel Literature in the Mid- and Late Nineteenth Century

Dag Blanck, “Very Welcome Home Mr. Swanson”: Swedish Americans Encounter Homeland Swedes

Martina Koegeler-Abdi & Christa Holm Vogelius et al., Conversations about Place in American Culture: An International Network Discussion



  • Udgiver:
    Ari Helo (ed.)
  • Titel:
    American Studies in Scandinavia, Volume 48:2
  • Undertitel:
    Volume 48:2
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  • ISSN:
  • Serie:
    American Studies in Scandinavia
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Varenr.: AM16:2