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American Studies in Scandinavia, Volume 47:2

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American Studies in Scandinavia is a biannual publication published by the Nordic Association for American Studies. The aim of the association is to encourage and promote serious study of the United States and its civilisation in the five Nordic countries. The journal is interdisciplinary drawing upon such fields as geography, history, linguistics, literature, political science, social anthropology and sociology.


Guest Editors’ Note (Maria Holmgren Troy & Magnus Ullén): Currents and Countercurrents

Elizabeth Kella: Indian Boarding School Gothic in Older than America and The Only Good Indian

Bent Sørensen: Almanac Songs and Singers: Protest, Détournement and Incorporation

Alf Tomas Tønnessen: Goldwater, Bush, Ryan and the Failed Attempts by Conservative Republicans to Reform Federal Entitlement Programs

Ulf Jonas Björk: “Far Darker than the IKEA Paradise of Sensible Volvos”: American Perceptions of Sweden Filtered Through Crime Fiction

Lena Ahlin: “All we wanted to do, now that we were back in the world, was forget”: On Remembrance and Forgetting in Julie Otsuka’s novels

Abby Goode & AnaMaria Seglie: Burger King and Transnational American Studies: Lessons from the 2013 Nordic Association for American Studies Conference

  • Udgiver:
    Ari Helo (ed.)
  • Titel:
    American Studies in Scandinavia, Volume 47:2
  • Undertitel:
    Volume 47:2
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  • ISSN:
  • Serie:
    American Studies in Scandinavia
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