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The Viking Collection

The Viking Collection is a series of books on medieval Scandinavian history and early northern civilization that aims to present original monographs, collections of essays and (in some cases) English translations of significant books in other languages to a broad readership interested in early Nordic studies. The series is presented in English. The founding editors of the Viking Collection were Gerd Wolfgang Weber and Preben Meulengracht Sørensen. Prospective authors are encouraged to consult one of the four current editors: Emeritus Professor Margaret Clunies Ross, Associate Professor Annette Lassen, Professor Ármann Jakobsson, Professor Carl Phelpstead.
  • Ludvig Holberg
    Forfatter:Jens Hougaard
    Undertitel:The playwright and his age up to 1730
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 6
    DKK 185,00
  • Island of anthropology
    Forfatter:Kirsten Hastrup
    Undertitel:Studies in past and present Iceland
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 5
    DKK 372,50
  • Skáldskaparmál
    Forfatter:Margaret Clunies Ross
    Undertitel:Snorri Sturluson's ars poetica and medieval theories of language
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 4
    DKK 250,00
  • Structure and meaning in Old Norse literature
    Forfatter:John Lindow, Lars Lonnroth, Gerd Wolfgang Weber
    Undertitel:New approaches to textual analysis and literary criticism
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 3
    DKK 390,40
  • Aurvandilstá
    Forfatter:Peter Foote
    Undertitel:Norse studies
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 2
    DKK 341,60
  • The unmanly man
    Forfatter:Preben Meulengracht Sørensen
    Undertitel:Concepts of sexual defamation in early Northern society
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 1
    DKK 125,00