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The Viking Collection is a series of books on medieval Scandinavian history and early northern civilization that aims to present original monographs, collections of essays and (in some cases) English translations of significant books in other languages to a broad readership interested in early Nordic studies. The series is presented in English. The founding editors of the Viking Collection were Gerd Wolfgang Weber and Preben Meulengracht Sørensen. Prospective authors are encouraged to consult one of the four current editors: Emeritus Professor Margaret Clunies Ross, Associate Professor Annette Lassen, Professor Ármann Jakobsson, Professor Carl Phelpstead.
  • The Pagan Earl
    Forfatter:Nicolas Meylan
    Undertitel:Hákon Sigurðarson and the Medieval Construction of Old Norse Religion
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 26
    DKK 275,00 220,00
  • Long lives of short sagas
    Forfatter:Philip Lavender
    Undertitel:The Irrepressibility of Narrative and the Case of Illuga saga Gríðarfóstra
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 25
    DKK 398,00 318,00
  • The legendary legacy
    Forfatter:Matthew Driscoll, Silvia Hufnagel, Philip Lavender, Beeke Stegmann (eds.)
    Undertitel:Transmission and reception of the Fornaldarsögur Norðurlanda
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 24
    DKK 398,00 318,00
  • The reality of the fantastic
    Forfatter:Hans Jacob Orning
    Undertitel:The magical, political and social universe of late medieval saga manuscripts
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 23
    DKK 388,00 310,00
  • A sense of belonging
    Forfatter:Ármann Jakobsson
    Undertitel:Morkinskinna and Icelandic identity, c. 1220
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 22
    DKK 388,00 310,00
  • The bookish riddarasögur
    Forfatter:Geraldine Barnes
    Undertitel:Writing romance in late mediaeval Iceland
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 21
    DKK 278,00 222,00
  • Arnas Magnæus philologus
    Forfatter:Már Jónsson
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 20
    DKK 328,00 262,00
  • The academy of Odin
    Forfatter:Lars Lönnroth
    Undertitel:Selected papers on Old Norse literature
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 19
    DKK 328,00 262,00
  • Creating the medieval saga
    Forfatter:Judy Quinn, Emily Lethbridge (ed.)
    Undertitel:Versions, variability and editorial interpretations of old Norse saga literature
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 18
    DKK 388,00 310,00
  • Initiation between two worlds
    Forfatter:Jens Peter Schjødt
    Undertitel:Structure and symbolism in pre-christian Scandinavian religion
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 17
    DKK 388,00 310,00
  • Literacy in medieval and early modern Scandinavian culture
    Forfatter:Pernille Hermann
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 16
    DKK 218,00 174,00
  • The development of Flateyjarbók
    Forfatter:Elizabeth Ashman Rowe
    Undertitel:Iceland and the Norwegian dynastic crisis of 1389
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 15
    DKK 375,00 300,00
  • From gang leader to the Lord's anointed
    Forfatter:Sverre Bagge
    Undertitel:Kingship in Sverris saga and Hákonar saga Hákonarsonar
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 8
    DKK 225,00
  • Ludvig Holberg
    Forfatter:Jens Hougaard
    Undertitel:The playwright and his age up to 1730
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 6
    DKK 185,00 148,00
  • Island of anthropology
    Forfatter:Kirsten Hastrup
    Undertitel:Studies in past and present Iceland
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 5
    DKK 372,50 298,00
  • The unmanly man
    Forfatter:Preben Meulengracht Sørensen
    Undertitel:Concepts of sexual defamation in early Northern society
    Serie:The Viking Collection vol. 1
    DKK 125,00 100,00