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Knytlinga Saga

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Knytlinga Saga is a medieval chronicle of the Kings of Denmark from the tenth century to the end of the twelfth. It begins rather abruptly with the ascent to the throne of Harald Bluetooth (c. 940) who warred against Saxons, Swedes, Wends and Norwegians, finally to achieve the distinction in death of being "the first King of Denmark to be buried in consecrated soil". The saga ends eighteen rulers and a good many battles later on a triumphant note, praising the achievements of Harald Bluetooth's descendant Knut Valdimarsson, who reigned in Denmark from 1182 to 1202. At the core of the saga is Knut (or Knud), King of Denmark, who was murdered in Odense in 1086 and later declared a saint. This first translation into English of the lcelandic saga about Knut and his ancestors and successors was issued on the ninth centenary of the death of Saint Knut.

  • Forfatter:
    Hermann Pálsson, Paul Edwards (transl.)
  • Titel:
    Knytlinga Saga
  • Undertitel:
    The History of the Kings of Denmark
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    Not illustrated
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Varenr.: 571